The Elgin Collection

The Elgin Collection

                              Solid Oak Furniture

The Elgin Range

The Elgin collection of solid oak furniture personifies a traditional French style of period furniture.  The beautiful styling and rustic charm gives an almost antique feel on what is in fact a fabulous range of solid oak pieces. The timbers sourced for The Elgin Range use both new and reclaimed oak built with traditional methods of construction still being utilised by our craftsmen.  The timbers are specifically selected for each piece of furniture to promote uniformity throughout the grains, thus making every piece totally unique.

All pieces within this classic furniture collection is then finely polished with a custom mixture of oils, wax and lacquers to create a distressed appearance that gives this collection it's un deniable unique look and feel. In designing this range, we incorporated dovetail joints to all drawers, period handles and profiled oak tops.

We are very proud to be able to offer you this wonderful collection of furniture, stocks are limited as each piece is custom made, so be sure to secure yours so you can enjoy this wonderful range of solid oak furniture in your home.

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